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On March 16, 2021, like the rest of our community, we were horrified and enraged by the domestic terrorist attack on three Asian massage parlors in the metro Atlanta area of Georgia, resulting in the deaths of eight people, six of whom were Asian women. Our hearts go out to the loved ones of those who were murdered in this senseless shooting, and we implore the media to call this tragedy what it clearly is: an anti-Asian hate crime as well as an act of domestic terrorism.

Just a year ago, TACL issued a statement regarding the impact that calling COVID-19 the “Kung Flu” and “Chinese Virus” has on the Asian American community. It is unfortunate that we have to issue a new statement one year later in response to the alarming increase in racially-motivated hate crimes targeting Asian Americans throughout the United States. We have seen an appalling rise in reports of anti-Asian hate crimes, ranging from aggressive verbal harassment to vandalism of Asian-owned businesses to assault and now mass murder. Even more heinous is the targeting of the most vulnerable in our community, including immigrants, women, and the elderly. We encourage everyone to remain on a heightened sense of alert and to continue to watch out for one another, as these hate crimes show no signs of abating. 

In the midst of all this pain, TACL calls on our communities to remain vigilant against racism and bigotry. If you are a target or a witness to such acts of hate, please report such events to your local law enforcement and Attorney General’s office. At the same time, make sure you do not yourself engage in race-based discrimination or acts of hate, as that will only continue to hurt and divide our communities instead of heal our anguish and pain. Please see below this statement for some additional resources in your area, as well as some steps you can take.

TACL programs will also be hosting various events to spread information, provide a safe space to speak about your experiences, and help everyone remain vigilant. 

Your health and safety are paramount during this difficult time – please stay safe and healthy. #stopaapihate #stopasianhate

TACL National Board

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